Pricing ( Powered by Sportsheadz)

TournamentsOnIce reserves the right to sell advertising space on this website, including on selected pages within each tournament's site, which helps us to keep costs down as much as possible.  You are still free to recognize your own tournament sponsors on your own tournament's site.

The pricing for TournamentsOnIce is based on the approximate size of your tournament, which is measured by the total number of games which are part of the tournament.

If your tournament has 30 games or less, the cost to host that tournament on this site is $50.  If your tournament has 31-100 games, the cost is $100.  For tournaments with more than 100 games, the cost is $150.

We can also offer discounts for those who host multiple tournaments in the same season.

So what's included in that price?  All the features which are normally available from the tournament module of a website powered by MBSportsWeb:

Your tournament will be setup within this site as a part of the appropriate season.  It will be listed on the home page, and when the tournament is close it will also show up as an alert on the home page.  Your tournament will have a "micro-site" as part of this website, with it's own pages (menu), news articles, events, sponsors, online forms, divisions, schedules, and more.  You, and up to five other tournament staff, will be provided with a login to this website which will allow you to maintain all of that information using our web-based Control Panel.  The tournament website will work equally as well on mobile devices such a the iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android as it does on all standard web browsers.  The Control Panel is also available on mobile devices for the tournament, allowing scores to be recorded without requiring a laptop.  The tournament website also integrates with Twitter so as scores get posted they will also be sent to the Twitter, with a link back to the website to see the standings and/or full schedule.

Ready to sign up?  Simply complete our Tournament Request Form to get started!

If your association already has a website powered by MBSportsWeb, then you will be permitted to host your tournaments on this site for free!  Why free?  It is in your association's best interest to put your tournament(s) on your own website, however, since the tournament module does cost money it may not be cost-effective to do so.  It also will allow your association to try out the tournament module in real life, which will hopefully convince your association to add the module to their site in the future.